What is Cahootify?

Cahootify is an online project and social media platform which helps connect film, media and entertainment professionals. It is an online community which is made especially for those in the media industry.

Cahootify is free for anybody to use and allows aspiring film makers to sign up and showcase their skills, experience and ideas. Everybody’s profile will be different, which allows film makers to present them selves individually and show their different portfolios. By showcasing their skills they will hope to attain funding or catch the attention of a film maker who could require their services.

Who is Cahootify for?

Cahootify is a user friendly social media platform which allows you to form team projects online. Effectivley people with a background in film, TV or music are the target audience but anyone is free to join. Cahootify aim to be the first successful platform that is based on building and making team projects.

In a year’s time we hope that:
  1. Cahootify will have received it’s first round of funding.
  2. All team members will be being paid professional rates for their time.
  3. The Cahootify community will be growing at a healthy rate and people will absolutely love the product.
  4. We’ll have our first customers (i.e. a few people and/or companies will have started paying us for our planned premium features and services).

Cahootify have outlined where they hope to be in a years time and have set realistic targets. Although this is only the start of the organisation the signs are positive and the online community continues to grow.


Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 19.14.27

As you can see Cahootify is similar to all other Social media websites in the way you are able to search and connect with people across the world. Cahootify is unique in the way it not only allows you to search by name but by role tag and project too. Cahootify is very similar to Linkedin in this sense that you are looking for new connections and potential employees. By having the option to search for film producers you will be able to see what projects they are currently doing and as well upcoming projects. With upcoming projects companies promote different job roles which allows individuals to apply through using their profile as a CV. It is important to build a good online profile as this is what you will ultimately be judged on.

Social media is a great way for users to promote themselves across many different platforms. Any film makers could have a youtube account and be available to share their videos for anyone to see or access wherever they are. Film makers would make sure to put a link to their Cahootify so future projects could be viewed. By doing this it would effectively make users who may not be familiar of Cahootify aware of this and what they are trying to do.

Facebook could be another place in which their films could be viewed by aspiring film directors and allow them to post projects that are currently completed and future projects. It is important to try and promote your work across as many social media platforms as possible in order to get noticed. Facebook have many different online communities and film and TV is one of these. Facebook is the biggest social media website with over a billion users using the site each month and therefore one of the biggest opportunities to connect with people. Social media has now become a great marketing tool and used by many free lancers to actively seek and gain work.

Twitter continues to grow and enables everyone to be noticed through the uses of hashtags and retweets. You are also able to measure the social influence of users on Twitter by checking their clout score. This is judged on how influential you are online and when you post a tweet how many people respond and you can increase your influence online over time. A klout score collaborates all networks linked with you and gives you a score of 1 – 100, with a higher score you have a higher influence. Twitter now allows you to play short videos for 2 minutes 20 seconds which is enough time for a small promotional video or even a trailer of an upcoming project which still requires staff. Twitter is a good way to share with your followers about Cahooitfy as they are likely to share similar interests to you. As well as sharing this you can add widgets and hyperlinks to your Cahootify profile for anybody to come across and view potential upcoming projects.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.20.50

Many directors look to invest in new and upcoming projects and now it couldn’t be easier.If you are looking to get involved in a local project you can now search by job roles available and apply for roles. By applying ultimately your CV is you and you will be judged up on your previous work and your profile on Cahootify.

The world of work is changing

Cahootify have published a video on Youtube in which they talk about the world of work changing. The value of unique talent is on the rise as they state the amount of free lancers has risen by 4x of full time workers. This is true as people enjoy the flexibility of working whenever but still reap the benefits of employability reliability. By using cahootify you are able to manage your world of work and build and manage a freelance talent pool. As well as recruiting employees, individuals can apply for different roles which will be promoted by different companies.

I think Cahootify has everything in place to succeed and has the potential to become a leading website for group and community working. This is a platform which can be used by free lancers to seek work and anybody who has an interest in film making it is free to join and everybody is encouraged to join up. Cahootify lets you sign in using Google + or Facebook and allows you to connect other social media platforms to your website.



Christmas special

PL Logo

In this years christmas special we will be taking a look at the most talked about premier league teams. As we individually analyse each team we will look at the key loses of players through injury. We will also see where teams are sitting in the premier league and if their on course to reach their goals for the season. With it getting closer to January transfer rumours are in full motion as many clubs are looking to bolster and improve squads for the rest of the season.



This year arsenal are hoping to add even more titles to their trophy cabinet as they continue to look promising in all competitions. Arsenal have made it through the group stages of this years champions league as they progressed through to the knockout stages, joined by only two other premier league teams in the last 16. Arsenal currently sit 2nd leading into the festive period although this seems promising of late as arsenal have been hampered by many long term injuries putting the teams titles hopes into question. With January around the corner do you think Arsenal are likely to recruit?


Player Injury Potential return date
Santi Cazorla Knee Ligament Sprain 01/03/2016
Francis Coquelin Knee Ligament Injury 27/02/2016
Danny Welbeck Knee 06/02/2016
Tomas Rosicky Knee 24/01/2016
Jack Wilshere Fibula Fracture 08/01/2016
Mikel Arteta Calf Strain 21/12/2015
Alexis Sanchez Hamstring Strain 21/12/2015

Aston villaAston Villa

Last season aston villa were only one point from relegation, with the club not being relegated since 1982. The history of the club speaks for itself as it is a well known top flight side and one of only 5 english times to win the champions league. With Aston villa being the fifth most decorated side in England many fans have been left disappointed as they currently sit 20th in the league 8 points a drift of safety. Villa have already acted on this with the appointment of new manager Remi Garde (picture below) with results not seeming to change. This seems like worrying times for many villa fans as the future doesn’t look bright.Aston villa manager

Can Remi Garde be the man to change villas fortunes?


Player Injury Return date
Jordan Amavi Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 01/07/2016
Micah Richards Knee Injury 26/12/2015


Bournemouth.pngBournemouth are a newly promoted side and got their first ever promotion to the premier league under young manager Eddie Howe who is still only 38 years old. At the age of 38 he has players in the dressing room older then himself with the likes of Slyian Distin who has over 500 premier league appearances to his name. Bournemouth currently sit in 14th a complete position for Eddie Howe’s side.


Player Injury Return Date
Callum Wilson Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 01/06/2016
Max-Alain Gradel Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 27/02/2016
Christian Atsu Tibial Stress Fracture 09/01/2016

Unfortunately for bournemouth record signing Max Gradel was ruled out at the start of the season for 6 months with an ACL injury. This will make premier league life a lot tougher for Bournemouth.


Chelsea are the current champions of the premier league, but have been one of the biggest talking points. Last year nothing could go wrong for Chelsea or Jose Mourinho, budded to be the greatest manager of Chelsea’s history but just 4 months into the season Mourinho has been sacked. Many fans and players were left disappointed with the clubs choice to depart with Jose due to how much of a big figure he was around the club. Chelsea find themselves 15th and currently 20 points behind the premier leagues top club.


Player Injury Return Date
Eden Hazard Hip Injury 26/12/2015

Chelsea have no real injury concerns although eden hazard is out for a short period of time.

Leicester City1250px-Leicester_City

This time last year Leicester were in their first premier league season finding themselves in the relegation zone. But with the talking point of the season is Leicester’s fine form and excellent performances. Leicester will go into the christmas break top of the premier league which leads to a quite astonishing story itself. Belief continues to grow for premier league leaders Leicester as 5 of the last 6 teams to be top at christmas then went on to win the premier league. Could this happen and be potentially the biggest upset in premier league football?

Jamie Vardy has been one of the key reasons to Leicesters success’, making a new premier league record of scoring in 11 consecutive premier league games, and here is what he had to say after.


Player Injury Return Date
Jeffrey Schlupp Thigh Injury 23/01/2016
Matthew James Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 02/01/2016
Daniel Drinkwater Thigh Injury 26/12/2015


LiverpoolLiverpool continue to struggle as they show major inconsistencies in their play and approach to games with an erratic array of results.Liverpool changed managers as Jurgen Klopp came in, a fresh of breathe air for many supporters. You can find out more information on Klopp on one of my old blog posts I did, Klopp post. Liverpool’s injuries have added to the inconsistencies as not often the manager can pick the same starting 11 due to injuries and suspensions. Liverpool remain in all cup competitions with a capital one cup semi final to look forward too. Liverpool are currently sat ninth in the league.

Liverpool amongst others have one of the highest amount off injuries, with a lot of long term absences with anterior cruciate ligament injury which leaves many footballers out for 5-12 months. These injuries have become more common as many managers have said the current football pitches are to blame for this as a reported 10 ACL injuries have happened in the last 2 years compared to only 3 being reported in the previous 5.


Player Injury Return Date
Joe Gomez Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 01/06/2016
Danny Ings Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury 01/06/2016
Jordan Rossiter Hamstring Strain 17/01/2016
Jon Flanagan Cartilage Injury 02/01/2016
Dejan Lovren Knee Laceration 26/12/2015
Daniel Sturridge Hamstring Strain 26/12/2015
Mamadou Sakho Knee Ligament Injury 20/12/2015
James Milner Calf Injury 01/01/2016



Could this be goodbye for Wayne?

Wayne Rooney current England and Manchester United captain has struggled for form in an uncomfortable united side. Rooney has publicly talked about moving away from Old Trafford in the past, but could now be the right time to leave.

Estimated Value: £35-45 Million


Who can Bale him out?

Gareth Bale was the greatest talent in the premier league until he decided to move abroad to Spanish giants Real Madrid, but was this the correct decision? Bale has fell out of favour with many Madrid fans as he finds himself being booed on a regular basis, effectively having a big impact on his performances. With the likes of Man city, Man united and Chelsea being interested could Bale switch back across the boarder.

Estimated Value: £100 Million


Gamble failed…

With old Liverpool manager desperate to secure a striker before the transfer window ended last year, he bought Belgian Christian Benteke for £32.5 million. A lot of people questioned would this work out due to Benteke being a target man who needed service. With the appointment of Klopp the team philosophies changed as it seems he is now surplus requirements. After only 6 months at the club it seems Benteke could move on with the likes of Chelsea being interested. With Liverpool over paying for Benteke due to them being desperate for a striker they are certain to make a big loss on him, therefore could hang on to him a bit longer.

Estimated Value £15-27.5 Million

Klopp for the Kop

This week has been a big week for all Liverpool fans and Klopp fans across the world. With the sacking of Liverpool’s club manager Rodgers. Jurgen  Klopp has taken charge at Liverpool.

I conducted a twitter survey in which there were over 100 votes 89% of voters agreed with Klopps appointment which has lead to many happy fans globally how now can start to “believe again”.


With Liverpool’s last Europa league game under Brendan Rodgers having 10,000 plus empty seats it is already a sell out game due to the arrival of the new manager in which is anticipated to be a new look Liverpool side.

Twitter reactions to Klopp’s appointment

Bye Bye Brendan


Both Brendan Rodgers and his long time assistant Colin Pascoe said there fair wells to anfield, as both were released from there first time dutties after a draw away, at Everton on Sunday.


There has been both relief for many supporters as well as support from other managers who believe the sacking was harsh.

Support came from newly promoted side Bournemouth’s manager Eddie Howe who believes it is harder then ever to be a British premier league manager and says there is not enough support for managers these days. One year you can win the league and nothing can go wrong and the next a couple bad results and the pressure mounts from fans staff and more importantly the club owner.

Do you believe this is fair? And are managers expected to do too much for there clubs?

Good pieces of online content

What makes good online content?

For me a good piece of online content has to be shareable a piece video or piece of text in which i want others to see prompting me to share this with my followers online.

Roberto Carlos

One of my favourite clips was a free kick which happened back in 1997 which is still now one of the most recognisable moments in football for many followers of the sport. This free kick is most commonly known for defining the laws of physics and still managing to go in from a near impossible angle.

The Offside

This is a website in which i find myself on regularly due to there many relevant and up to date blog posts. If anything in the sporting industry has happened there will be a blog on this which will be rich in detail. People want to read these articles due to there content which is the main reason these blogs are so shareable. By reading and seeing different perspectives prompts me to write my own opinion and voice my own words for others to read and either agree or disagree.

Here is a link to the website in which enables you to get involved in discussions.

Liverpool 1 – 1 FC Sion

Liverpool draw another blank at home… Again

As 36,000 fans travel to the game on a late Thursday night disappointment loomed in the air again as players were booed of the pitch, not for the first time this season. The Liverpool manager fielded a strong side against a lesser opposition from Switzerland in which a dominant performance was expected by spectators across the world.

As you can see from the twitter post below many fans reacted angrily to the result, with many calling the performance “Totally unacceptable” building pressure on the manager of Liverpool FC.

There has been an largely increasing outburst in ex players and followers of the clubs current manager and how long he has left at the club. Most noticeable ex England and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard realised an biography late this year which heavily criticised current manager Brendan Rodgers and his suitability to the job. Many fans have echoed the words of club legend Gerrard making every decision made by Rodgers come under great scrutiny.

Only last season Liverpool were 2 games away for winning the premier league for the first time in the clubs history in which Rodgers seemingly couldn’t put a foot wrong… So whats happened less then 12 months later pressure is seemingly increasing dramatically, is this the same man? And what is so different now to then?

The sale of Liverpool’s top goal scorer to Spanish giants Barcelona could have been Rodgers downfall and the start of the end for the Liverpool manager.


Pressure continues to grow on Rodgers do you feel this pressure is deserved or over the top?